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Welcome to Advocare Endocrinology Associates of Princeton

Whether performing an ultrasound guided biopsy of a suspicious thyroid nodule or using the latest technology to obtain continuous blood sugar readings to optimize glycemic control, it is our responsibility to stay on top of the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities and we take this responsibility seriously. We are committed to providing evidence-based care to our patients; that is, we base our decision making on the most current medical literature. 

Unlike large, impersonal groups, we strive to be different. We take great pride in being available to our patients and colleagues in the community. We hope that every treatment plan is the product of collaboration between an informed patient and a knowledgeable physician. 

Finally, the work we do is only as good as the effort put forth by our patients; therefore, we insist that every patient is involved in and dedicated to their health.

News & Announcements

Dr. Hollander doesn't just encourage his patients to get healthy, he shows them how.  After qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Chattanooga, TN on his first attempt at the distance, Dr. Hollander capped off a hard year of training in 2019 with a respectable performance on the greatest stage in triathlon.  While some of his patients think its crazy to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles, he finds the discipline involved with training, keeping a clean diet, recovering well and getting enough sleep every night gives his life balance.  He believes if even a small bit of what he does is adopted by his patients, they will be healthier and happier for it.   
We are proud to announce that Dr. Hollander and Dr. Dadzie were named two of New Jersey's 2019 TOP ENDOCRINOLOGISTS by NJ Monthly Magazine.  
Elizabeth Tursi, APN, CDE is a nurse practioner and certified diabetes educator.  She is dedicated to the care of diabetic patients and is especially skilled in insulin pump management and interpretation of continuous glucose data.  She is collaborating with Dr. Hollander and every care plan will be a product of their combined expertise.  It is truly an honor to have Liz as part of our care team.  
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